Real Estate Renovations: Seeing the Potential in a Listing

In perpetually-hot real estate markets like Vancouver and Toronto, affordable property that actually gives you what you want out of a home is hard to find. Unless you know where to look. Or maybe more importantly, unless you know how to look.

It’s easy to feel discouraged about buying a home or condo if you’re regularly priced out of properties that have exactly what you want. After all, who doesn’t fall in love when they see a listing with a new gas range and their dream flooring. But don’t lose hope! There are some legitimately great, high-potential homeownership opportunities for those willing to put in a little elbow grease and some renovation work.

In this video, real estate agents Shawn Brown and Steven Forlin from the West Haven Group walk you through just such an opportunity: A Vancouver loft in the trendy Gastown neighbour. The property is on the less-expensive side, and with a few light remodels and some new appliances, would become an amazing value for anyone looking for a stylish condo in a highly desirable location.

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