How is my Home being Marketed through Reciprocity?

eciprocity simply refers to a signed agreement between the members of our Real Estate Board as licensed REALTORS® releasing
permission allowing other agents and open websites to advertise and market our listings. In layman’s terms, don’t be surprised if you find your home on a competing REALTORS® website, or elsewhere. Where Reciprocity has been adopted by a Board (The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver), a Member (REALTOR®) may republish another Member’s listings on the Internet in accordance with MLS® Reciprocity described in Section 8.12 of the Rules of Cooperation. It is understood by all parties that no information can be changed, revised or added from the original listing.

Everyone with an active internet connection has access to your listing. Unfortunately, we occasionally see this information being used in online scams, for instance a replica of your listing posted on Craigslist or Kijiji advertising your home for rent.

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While it is rare, if you are to come across such a posting, don’t hesitate to “report the ad” directly within the website or to us.
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