Wi-Fi Slowing you down?

So, you’ve just moved into your new home…Congratulations! But have you noticed that the Wi-Fi speed and/or coverage is less than ideal, even though you just signed up for the newest high-speed internet plan? Nobody else is using the Wi-Fi, so you know it’s not an issue with bandwidth or that there are too many users on your Wi-Fi network. If your Wi-Fi just can’t perform for your needs, with some network changes you could have full coverage for your house!

When your new internet connection is installed, the technician normally completes the job in one of two ways:

  1. They use an existing connection; or
  2. They connect the router in a physical location where it’s more convenient for them. (However, if you get a top-notch technician, they will often place the router where you request it.)

This means that from the get-go, you could be having issues due to the location of your router. So, what is the solution? There are multiple solutions that could fix the issue:

  1. Restart the router – if the issue isn’t sorted after one reboot, it will unlikely fix any ongoing issues;
  2. Replace your old/current router with a new one; or 
  3. Perform a wireless site survey!

Let’s just say you’ve restarted the router, yet your issues are still occurring – so you go out and buy an amazing fancy new router, but the issues still occur. What on earth is happening? Surely Wi-Fi shouldn’t be this difficult to set up and get working?

As Wi-Fi is sent in “radio waves”, a lot of other devices can interfere with the connection: other Wi-Fi networks, fish tanks, refrigerators, etc. If you can’t physically see Wi-Fi, then how can you fix it and make it more reliable? As mentioned above in point number 3, you can perform a wireless survey. 

With a wireless survey, we can troubleshoot your Wi-Fi issues, optimize your router placement, or install an additional router in a different location to ensure that you have optimal coverage in your home! 

If you have any further questions or would like to organize a wireless survey for your home, feel free to contact us and visit our website at: https://sharper-it.ca